A trip to the Bali Islands

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Bali is a small, very special and beautiful island near Indonesia. It is one of the most sought after travel destinations. The local culture and life style of the Balinese people, beaches and small mountains, resorts etc provide a lot of scope of an adventurous trip to this far off island.

Some of the attractions for any one traveling to Bali in an adventure mode can include the following.

White water rafting. This provides an unforgettable experience to the visitors. As you raft on those gleaming waters, there is the fabulous sight of nature which surrounds you in a pure, unpolluted atmosphere, refreshingly and breathtakingly beautiful. There is also a nature walk along which one can see hundreds of varieties of flowers and several types of animals in their habitat. The residents of Bali, especially in the village are very friendly; even though the modern visitors coming to see their place have started polluting those virgin minds and bodies.  

Kayaking. Facilities for Kayaking are available at Bali at very reasonable rates. If you are a fan of this sport, you have many chances to do this and enjoy your holiday.

Elephant rides. Take a ride atop an elephant here with a flower garland around your neck, but never provoke the animal beyond a limit. Wise and patient it is, but once it gets angry you can get up flying upwards with the help of the tusker’s long trunk and on your way downwards, your heart will be in your mouth and whatever you do, it will be next to impossible to avoid his sharp tusks or to get trampled under those huge feet!!

A visit to the Elephant Safari Park. Here you can hand feed those huge, friendly and wise animals; if you have adventure in your blood.

Jungle and village trekking. There is still a very silent, dense forest in Bali. Trekking along its tracks is an adventure bound to mark several unforgettable impressions on your memory pad.

Facilities at Bali also include Mountain and village cycling, paragliding and horse riding in addition to traditional Balinese dance performances. Balinese temples are also available as a side attraction. Other normal, regular tourist activities such as shopping for village artifacts, Balinese curios etc are all there and if you are game for it, go for it. Most of these are however not meant for the adventure-in-mind traveler. These are the age old, customized and too easily available activities for any traveler at any tourist spot anywhere in the world.

In summary rest assured that a trip to Bali is worth the time, effort and money even if adventure travel is not the only interest you have


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