Specialized Air Freight Service For The Shipment of Dangerous Goods

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A lot of major industries, particularly manufacturers make use of dangerous goods or hazardous materials, also called as hazmat, that require transport using specialized air freight service for dangerous goods shipment. This particular type of air freight service is provided by an air carrier under strict adherence to the guidelines provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Dangerous goods refer to any solid, liquid or gaseous material that can adversely affect or do damage to the welfare and condition of humans and other living organisms, their properties or belongings as well as the environment. Included under the dangerous goods classifications are mostly materials purchased, used, stored and handled under chemical regulations. However, hazmat shipped using a specialized air freight service may also include other qualities that render them as high risks in specific conditions or circumstances.        

An airline or air carrier may reserve the right to refuse air freight service to any cargo which may be suspected of carrying undeclared dangerous goods. Hence, they also reserve the right to open and inspect any packages or cargo being presented to them for shipment to determine if the items contained therein are not among those classified as dangerous goods or hazardous materials.

In addition, airlines or all-cargo air carriers will provide air freight service in accordance with the following conditions set forth in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual:

1. The dangerous goods to be shipped should not exceed the approved quantities.

2. The air freight carrier should see to it that the cargo are properly packaged using standard export packaging materials for hazmat items before providing air freight service. This requirement includes the required marks, and labels as well as placards

3. There should be compliance to the requirements of traveling with transparency using compliant vehicles for collection that can be tracked in real time   

4. The shipment should be properly declared and identified as dangerous goods before acceptance. Any airline or air carrier rendering air freight service to any cargo that was not properly identified as dangerous goods can be meted a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment plus a fine of $250, 000 or more.  

To avoid this, the airline of air freight carrier who will render the specialized air freight service of transporting dangerous goods should obtain two copies of the Shipper’s Declaration of Dangerous Goods, duly signed by the shipper or its authorized representative.      

The airlines or air freight carrier can apply certain fees in relation to the air freight service rendered in delivering the dangerous goods. Such fees may vary and may be in accordance with the restrictions that affect the dangerous articles as well as the designated destination points.

On the part of the shipper or his authorized air freight forwarder, necessary documentations should be submitted quickly, properly and completely. This way the airline or air freight carrier who will provide the air freight service can transport the goods at the approximated time without encountering any incidences of being suspected or inspected as a contraband item while in transit.     

In case of doubt regarding any shipment whether they are classified as dangerous goods, the shipper may make inquiries through the IATA Dangerous Goods hotline at 1-514-390-6770 or email dangood@iata.org. This way, the shipper will know if he needs to arrange a specialized air freight service with the airlines or air carrier.     

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