Transitioning: Mothers going to work, child care providers coming in

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Mothers going back to work, children adjusting to a babysitter or nanny

As a babysitter, this article is hopefully useful to those of you who are adjusting to a new situation, whether you be the mother going back to work or the babysitter coming in to take care of the children.

It is very important for the mother to establish a routine that the babysitter or nanny can follow up with. It is key that you keep to the schedule and routine, children can sense stress and a irregular routine causes stress on you and the child. If the child is old enough to understand what is going on, it is also very important that the mother or father or both sit down with the child and explain to him or her what is going on and then introduce the new sitter or nanny and make sure that the child is comfortable with her, to make sure that he knows that she’ll be staying there while mommy and daddy are at work, that he /she can rely on her. They should feel completely comfortable before the parents leave them alone with her. It will take time and bonding. Do not ask the child if it’s okay for you to leave. This make the child feel that they are in control and if you leave against what they say that you’re betraying them , this isn’t something you want the child to feel.

If the mother doesn’t have a routine down, but you as the babysitter are there the majority of the week, try to establish a routine. Maybe in the morning, hang out outside playing and then in the afternoon after lunch nap time then crafts or something, just a routine makes everything easier on everyone. It might help to sit down with the parents and ask if they’re okay with your new routine and if there’s anything they don’t like or want to keep they should tell you.

Mothers, you should also feel very comfortable with your new sitter/nanny, do not be afraid to call references and do background checks, there’s no reason to be ashamed of asking a few questions for the safety of your family. Also, don’t be afraid to call and check in, if it gives you peace of mind. Do it within reason though, don’t call every five minutes, maybe once or twice a day for an eight to ten hour day.

I am currently working with a family that doesn’t have structure or routine and they don’t really welcome it into the house and it’s very frustrating not only on the children but on me also. There is a lot of stress in the house and their youngest, a two year old boy, senses it and is constantly on edge.

I hope this helps everyone who reads it. =]


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