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     Parents are constantly complaining and worrying about the facts that they can’t spend time with their children because of the fact that technology has all of their attention. I have found an easy, simple, and convenient way to connect with your children via internet. Parents if you’re looking to reconnect that bond between you and your child, create a facebook account and if your child doesn’t already have an account encourage him/her to do so also. Facebook is a social utility that connects peopla with friends and others who work, study and live around them. Peolple use facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and connect with different people from around the world. Doing this will also prove to your child that you do care, and that you care so much that you’re willing to actively participate in their lives and do something you don’t normally do. It has been proven that children,especially those in the middle school age range,appreciate their parents more when parents communicate and interact with their personal lives and do so in a careful yet non irritating way.   Accessing facebook is harmful, simple, and most of all, free. Facebook also allows you to connect with other parents and maybe even friends, family, and/or church members. Parents with little computer experience are also recommended because of how simple the process of joining facebook is. Facebook allows you to post photos,contact friends,family, and co-workers, as stated earlier. Parents interested please visit http://www.facebook.com. Thanx for your interest,support, and concerns, and by the way add me as a friend on facebook when your ther,look me up, Ronnika liltrina Davenport


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