Making Your Mondays Happier

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200_36873968.jpgIn spite of trying, it’s not always easy to wake up on a Monday morning in a good mood. You may mourn the loss of your weekend, because you didn’t accomplish the things that you had hoped, such as chores or personal projects. As your weekend comes to a close, you’re reminded of the fun and/or profitable projects left undone. A sadness comes over you that grows sharper on Sunday evening. This is not uncommon, especially if you attempted to to get too many chores done over the weekend vs. relaxing with family and/or friends.

For many, Sunday is a reminder or a day of reckoning. It is when you review, consciously or unconsciously, your written or unwritten “to do list”. You think about that sweater that you were going to knit, an art project you wanted to start, a movie you wanted to see, or the book you were going to read or write, but you ran out time, again.

Crowding too much into two days, like laundry, grocery shopping, family time, and self robs your weekends of its fun and pleasurable aspects. The solution is to reserve your weekends for relaxation, family fun, or mini vacations and get chores done throughout the week. Refuse to plan housework or other chores for the weekend and you stand a better chance of having a good mood on Monday. Following are tips on making those two day, at the end of the week, a time for rejuvenation and fun.

Start each Tuesday to make the following Monday happier: Start here to prepare being happier the following Monday. Just go to your 9 to 5 or proceed with your normal routine and after work, take it easy and have a delicious dinner. Plan thirty-minutes to one-hour of family time and retire early.

Wednesday: Plan your weekend today. During lunch, make arrangements for an out-of-town trip or mini vacation. If you’re staying home, invite friends over for scrabble or charades; send invitations early before they make other plans.Wednesday Evening: Write out your grocery list, plan your meals for the upcoming week, and sort the laundry.

Thursday: After work, clean the house, wash the laundry, and prepare your work outfits for Friday and Monday. Unwind and get to bed as early as possible.

Friday: Stay late for work and finish any last minute assignments, rather than take the work home for the weekend. Go home, eat a healthy meal with a glass of your favorite beverage.

Wake up early Saturday Morning: Get up early, prepare your weekly budget and go grocery shopping. Complete all chores by noon.Saturday Evening: Take a fishing trip, visit a friend, or invite loved ones over for pizza and a glass of wine. The point is to have fun.


Sunday worship & spiritual growth: Sunday Morning: Start off by avoiding stressful situations and people, since it’ll carry over into Monday. Plan Sunday for worship or spiritual growth. What makes Sunday’s special for you? Worshiping God, attending church, meditating, a leisurely bath, or talking on the phone? Do what makes you feel happy and promotes a healthy outlook on life. Sunday Evening: Take it easy. Cook a special dinner and enjoy it with your family. Turn the TV off at seven o’clock and get tobed early. If you can’t sleep, read a romance novel, fashion magazine, or drink a cup of Chamomile tea (this is for men, too).

Monday Morning: Get up 2 hours early. Don’t watch the news or read the newspapers until after lunch; listen to soft music instead. Put the coffee on and have a home cooked healthybreakfast. Next, take a hot shower and get dressed at a leisurely pace. Lastly , On Mondays vow to stay clear of people, places, and situations that cause stress; resolve to feel good today. Now, you’re ready to leave for work happier.


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