What About Those Extra Pounds?

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The ideal woman has changed her looks throughout the eons. From skinny Ancient Egyptian princesses, voluptuous Rubensian nudes, to an almost skeletic woman ideal nowadays. Nevertheless, extra pounds have been viewed with apprehension in most of the human civilizations. This extra-weight-phobia is nowadays more poignant perhaps because of the faster means of sending information and, consequently, spread fashion news and requests.

Few women realise that models (not super-models, but regular cat-walk models) are meant to be as invisible as possible: skinny in order to make the clothes look good and colourless (some even look incredibly sick, maybe because of the make-up, or not) – the clothes are important, not the means of showing them. In any case, this fashion of skinny celebrities may draw its roots from the model-ideal. And what are normal women who want to be fashionable supposed to do? Follow them, of course.

Women are pressured to lose as much weight as possible, sometimes they are advised to be as slim as possible. Some months ago, a friend of mine told me that her boyfriend told her that she should lose weight because the skinnier she is, the more he likes her. The only problem is that she hasn’t got much to burn, that is, she already is rather fit. I am sure this is not an uncommon problem. This pressure can be exercised not only by romantic partners, but by family, friends and – why not – by the society in all its splendour. How many times have we witnessed people being mocked for having some extra pounds?

What should we do? Well, the first thing is to ask ourselves: how much of what we see is a projection of the way others see us? How much of what they say is true? If there really is a problem, then a little bit more effort would be advisable (sport, movement, activities – definetely NOT extreme diets, medicine or other choises), but if the claim is exaggerated, then what we need to do is question the person’s intentions towards us (and maybe we can find they actually have a problem – like, for example men who forcibly feed women to gain weight or vice versa). Do we really need that person? If it’s a relative or somebody we cannot get far away from, then communication is the key: “I know what you said, but I don’t think I have a problem. If you think I should lose/gain weight, give me some lucid and reasonable arguments and I will consider your opinion. If not, then what you’ve told are just words and nothing more”.

When the extra pounds are visible and represent a problem that stop the woman in question from resuming her normal activities and hobbies (prevent her from pursuing her happiness), then maybe the issue is not the gaining of weight, but could be a medical or a psychological problem. It is well known that depressions, thyroid gland issues, or other types of health problems can cause a weight variation to the extreme plus. The key in this case is to address the root of the problem itself, and in most cases, that means consulting a specialist (starting with an Endocrynologist and – if needed – a therapist).

The doctor will issue a personalized diagnosis according to each case, so there is no need to seek treatment on our own(and it is not at all advisable to do so). If the problem is medical, then proper treatment will help a lot (I know from experience)! Nevertheless, if you are given a treatment and you only take the medicine (or whatever the prescription is) and you don’t accompany it with sports of some sort, then – let me tell you from the beginning – it is useless. You must create a habit of living healthy, eating healthy and doing at least a few minutes of exercise (be it walking, aerobics or specific sports) every day. And, of course, nothing can be done without a positive attitude and revolutionary optimism.

Remember, you can get it if you really want, but you must work hard for it. Picking the fruits of your work will be the greatest accomplishment and you’ll see that nothing can stop you from moving the mountains but yourself. Good luck and I hope to hear that I helped somebody with the lessons I have learned in years of trying to lose weight without success, until I descended to the center of the problem, and that was well within myself. Good luck and may the force send you positive vibes and determination to have a better life!


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