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I want to get right to the point and tell you the most you can earn in FarmVille on Facebook from one crop.  There are lots of other websites that will give you others tips and tricks for the popular social network game FarmVille, but this one is short and sweet.  

To get the most money from your farm you do not want to always plant the most expensive seed.  
The higher the level you are, the better crops you can plant.  The cheapest seed to get you the most coin is going to be grapes.    Here are the top five crops that will make you the most money per hour.  

Peas – 190 coins – 1 day – 3 experience = 7.65 coins/hour
Asparagus – 220 coins – 16 hours – 2 experience- 7.62/hour
Onions – 170 coins – 12 hours – 1 experience= 7.5 coins/ hour
Grapes – 85 coins – 1 day – 2 experience = 7.39 coins/hour
Sugar Cane – 165 coins – 8 hours – 1 experience = 7.37 coins/hour

Here are some more of the best crops out there for cheap coin.

Blackberries – 75 coins – 4 hours – 1 experience – 6.75 coins/hour
Blueberries – 50 coins – 4 hours – 1 experience – 6.5 coins/hour
Raspberries – 20 coins – 2 hours – o experience – 5.5 coins/hour

Other great FarmVille Tips

1.The best recommendation for this is to plant some seeds that take about 3 days in a 1/3 of your farm, other seeds that take 2 days in another 1/3, and lastly peppers or soybeans in the final section and finally soybeans or peppers in the last section.  This will lead to the most efficient way for you to consistently earn cash for your crops.    

2. Do not take on more crops then you can commit to.  If you know you are going to be away from your computer set your farm up so the crops won’t go bad.  

Best crops to increase experience

If your farming for the levels and not the money the best way to level fast is to plant  berries such as Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries.  Of course this will take a lot of commitment since you will be harvesting thorough out the day.  If you plan of spending the whole day on the computer these crops can help you get up level quick.  With a 12 x 12 farm you can continual plant strawberries and get 288 experience every 4 hours.  

To get the most effective experience from a plot you can leave a section of your farm plowed without seeding it and then plant soybeans.  Delete the Patches, And repeat, as many times as desired. This will cause you to earn experience for the plowing and the planting, then being able to do it again on a empty plot.


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