How to Enjoy the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama

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Step One

This is a testament of hope, a celebration of what you can do with your life if you challenge yourself. Savor every minute of the inaugural with a statement to yourself that you can be anyone you want to become. Just keep the good course.

Step Two

For a country built on the back of slavery and the premise of discrimination, a president with a black heritage is phenomenal. This was totally unimaginable fifty years ago. Now you are privileged to witness the culmination of an unprecedented rise in American politics and history.

Step Three

Your euphoria is well deserved. From the naysayers to the race-baiters to those who had lost faith in America, this is a moment of triumph. Let your pride lead to you overcome your own battles. Use this moment to reconnect with your dreams.

Step Four

This is the son of a Kansas woman and a Kenyan man; the son of a love story, forbidden by a society that just didn’t know what to do with the beauty of color. Today, we have people from mixed backgrounds who can look up to Barack and see a place in the world for themselves. The African child in Kenya can look up into the sky the same time with young white, African American, Latino and Asian children. They can all dream big. They can believe that all things are possible when you believe.

Step Five

Here is a great role model for you and your kids. Raised by a single mother and grandparents, he overcame challenges that were through at him. Barack Obama is the best example today for youth all over the world. Circumstance cannot be a clutch or excuse. You’ve got to decide to be better, to do better and to arrive at the destiny for your life. In life, it is not about where you come from, it is about where you are going. Commemorate the meaning of this day with your loved ones. You and your children can become whoever you want to be, when you aim high and stick to it.


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