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Respect is one of the 6 pillars of Character Counts. Personally I think it’s the most important one. Everyday I show respect, not specifically to others but to myself. Self respect should be the number one trait in a person’s life. If you don’t respect yourself then how could you expect anyone else to?

Many females carry themselves with lack of confidence and degradation. Treating others how they want to be treated is the prime lesson; if you treat yourself badly others will treat you badly. In some cases, people just disrespect you because of their own personal issues. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t respect anyone who doesn’t respect me. It might seem like a negative thing, but after a while it’s hard to deal with.

At times I fail to respect my peers, siblings and family. Anger can take control of my conservativeness. On top of that, I have a very opinionated personality that a lot of people can’t deal with. My attitude can get in the way of solutions that turn into bigger problems. I know what my problems are and I am not afraid to admit them. When I feel disrespected, I show NO respect at all.

Altercations can be resolved or avoided but certain people in my life just like confusion. The minor conflicts I get into every so often are somewhat ridiculous. Petty problems can turn into major issues. I don’t believe I am ever wrong when it comes to two opposing views of a situation. People just don’t understand the simple things; I feel misunderstood.

There are times in life when you can be right and explain over and over again, yet, no one will ever get it; it’s called just being misunderstood. I do offend others with bad language and at the end of the day I feel no sympathy. Simply because I know myself and they must have given me a reason to do so. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs; I treat people how they treat me.

It seems like I constantly show respect and I still get negativity. Surrounding myself with positive people is the only solution to this problem. I understand that everyone has their bad days, but when does it end? Sometimes I just don’t know. Until then, I will continue to respect myself and those who respect me in return.


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