Failed Relationships

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People experience depression due to myriad reasons. The most interesting yet intriguing reason why a person succumb to depression is broken heart. Women are the most vulnerable individuals with respect to painful experiences in human relationships. Boy-girl relationships comes into the picture as the most satisfying yet mysterious human interaction. Despite the heartaches one can experience, falling in love is inevitable. The worst situation that a person must deal with wisely is the time of falling apart which is also inevitable! The following are tips on how to deal with depression due to broken heart experiences.

1. Select a strategic position.

Selecting a strategic position means choosing the right perspective in collecting one’s self together and moving forward after the broken relationship. A brokenhearted person must deal with the problem positively, in order to come up with a successful healing time. The lost of a loved one in our lives does not mean the end of the world. It can be converted into a wider opportunity to meet other people who are worthy of love and friendship. Form there, choosing the best partner in life can be done.

The best strategic position in moving forward is choosing to become more physically beautiful. Such choice can be garnished with developing a positive attitude towards other people. That means we need to choose to become beautiful within and without. The choice of wardrobe must be changed in such a way that personality development is on the priority. The total appearance must also be overhauled in time to achieve a better self. Most women who experienced being brokenhearted try to enhance their figure. Skills development can also be done like enrolling in a speech training class, piano lessons, and sports activities. Aside from that, taking retreat activities is also helpful. Interacting with people who experienced the same plight in a religious or spritual perspective develops the intellectual and emotional well-being of a brokenhearted woman. For men, the aforementioned activities might help if needed.

Once a decision is made over choosing a positive outlook of the situation, a brokenhearted individual is prepared to conquer the enemy.

2. Conquer the enemy.

Conquering the enemy means giving the ex-partner a blow by showing him positive outcomes of the past rift. It is undeniable that when a person experienced pain, his definite reaction is to hurt the aggressor. Emotions and feelings include the idea that if we had been hurt so much, we want the culprit to feel misery. There is no limit in our ideas in getting even against the one who had hurt us. However, we must choose to do the punishment in a discreet and positive way. Why? If we harbor ill feelings towards our enemy, we also suffer tremendously for the pain keeps coming back. Our choice must be to forgive the enemy and show him our better self. In that way, we may be able to magnify our intellect that could help us in conquering the enemy.

3. Magnify the intellect.

Expanding our knowledge on the things that make us interested is a good idea. Reading self-help books, surfing the internet, attending seminars and conferences, getting a vocational course and even doing things that we had not done before are practical things to choose from in dealing with the pain of losing a person dear in our hearts. In choosing to expand our knowledge, we are enriching our capabilities and widening our opportunities to have a wonderful life ahead of us. As we reach the point of success, it is time to socialize with other people.

4. Socialize.

The time to socialize is a must after choosing a strategic position, conquering the enemy and magnifying the intellect are done. In this age of technological advancement, socialization networks in the internet are prevalent of which brokenhearted persons might be interested to take a look. Attending social activities sponsored by organizations, academe, government, churches and other associations is also recommended.

The time to interact with other people comes with a positive perspective of eventually meeting the right person in the right places and at the right time. By this time, the pain of losing someone is already a history and commemorating the past becomes moot.

5. Travel. Pray. Meditate.

Lastly, there is no other way to forgive and forget but to pray and meditate. We need to jettison the things that made us angry and sad and carry with us the faith and hope to survive in the great ordeal. We may choose to have a travel experience that gives us a chance to renew our life’s strengths and convictions. A series of adventurous travel escapades can also be done with friends. In one of our travels to other places, we simply have the chance to pray and meditate on what is important in our lives.

What is important is that, we choose to stand up and survive after all trials and difficulties in life.


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