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Flickr was developed by Ludicorp. This is developed by a company based in Vancouver, this principle as a massive multiplayer online. In his first version of this web site, users can chat and share photos, instead of storing the media in his rear end. Later, chat and was developed as a repository of images.

Yahoo acquired the company Ludicorp and Flickr in 2005 and moved to Canada all servers in the U.S..

The launch of this website by accident when Caterina Fake, when his company, based in British Columbia online games has created a tool to display images of their actions. There has been enormous popularity of photo-sharing sites and found an increase of 448% of users from December 2004 to December 2005.


The Flickr acquired by Yahoo March 2005. During the first week of June 2005, Yahoo all servers in Canada to the United States. Flickr is free to register and use. In December 2006, the space of 20 MB to 100 MB.

Since April 2008 On this page you can download movies to subscribers. The downloaded videos are only 90 seconds and 150 MB.

Flickr has a known set of APIs for developers to make pictures of their own sites and applications that allow users to adjust their images, giving a quick search for the tag images. A tag is a keyword that relates to the image.

You can organize photos into groups, or groups of photos and organize a photo and a photo album.

User benefits:

You can print photos on Flickr in the world. You can upload images, sort and image today. You can use the Flickr API to easily integrate with other Web sites and applications. Flickr allows manufacturers of devices such as the cost of geo-tagging, camera model, you have photographed.

Free space of 100 megabytes per month to download your photos. This site can easily by someone who knows how the Internet can upload their photos for use in navigation menu. With a wide audience base presence, and your photos and promote their products or services.

Technical Notes:

To use this site to upload your files, you must be with him. If you have a Yahoo account, you can connect directly to it.

When you register and log into your account, you can upload pictures. Go Photo Gallery “in your home. Click Select” Pictures “to select the photos you want to download.

You can enjoy the privacy to adjust your images to sell only show your friends. When the download is complete, you can submit the name, select it and click Save.

By registering on Flickr you can find photos from other users (with access) to the public and even from them.


Flickr was rapid adoption of Internet users. The rapid success of this site is user-friendly interface and photos for free.

You can also use this site as a repository for images that can be used for receiving pictures and link to your website. Photos on Flickr can be done from the desktop to load without having to visit the site. You need to download a desktop client “Flickr Uploadr.

FOR SALE Flickr partnership with Getty Images photos from the actions of certain users. If you have version (iPhone 8) You can upload your photos directly on this site.


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