How to lose weight using the Biggest Loser diet

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In the hit TV show, the Biggest Loser, we all see contestants lose dramatic amounts of weight through careful diet and exercise.  In fact, we see them lose a hundred pounds or more!  The show has encouraged people from all over the country to try losing weight.  By following a few simple rules, anyone can become the Biggest Loser.  The Biggest Loser diet is meant to change lives, starting in a simple twelve week program.

  1. Start by eating multiple small meals in the day, cutting out hunger stimulating foods like potato, white bread or white rice.  These have little fiber or protein and leave your body craving more due to hunger.  Instead, you eat meals consisting of protein and fiber, which keep you full.  It’s important to be sure you get your needed nutrition, so adding a supplemental multi-vitamin might be helpful.  You should make sure that you get all of the foods that your body needs to be healthy, so don’t cut out fruits and vegetables.
  2. The next step is to add exercise.  Start with thirty minutes a day and work your way gradually to an hour.  This should be part cardio and part strength training.  Over time, you will gradually increase the intensity of your exercise.  The basic concept of the Biggest Loser diet is fewer calories in and more calories out, which makes you lose weight.
  3. As you begin to lose weight, refigure your calorie needs.  Over time you’ll start eating fewer calories.
  4. Join the Biggest Loser Club online for support, recipe ideas and fitness information.

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