How to make hot Chai

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When we go to Starbucks or another coffee shop, we aren’t always buying their coffee.  Sometimes we want some variety.  The menu often features chai, often made cold.  But what if you could make your own chai?  In these tough economic times, making chai or coffee at home can often save a family hundreds of dollars a year.

  1. To make chai, you start by setting water to boil.  If you’re making one cup of tea, fill your cup about two thirds full of water and use that for your measurement.  If you’re making two cups, fill one cup full of water and add a little more from the second cup.
  2. Once the water is starting to warm, add sugar.  Sugar is added to taste and you can substitute sweetener instead.  Since heating your sweetener can cause it to lose flavor, add it at the end instead.  If you use sugar, dissolve the sugar in the water.
  3. Next add some cardamom.  This enhances the flavor of the tea.
  4. Add your tea next.  A loose leaf black tea is best, but an orange pekoe can be used as well.  If you don’t have loose leaf tea available, use a black tea or orange pekoe from the bags.  You’ll want to use at least two to three tea bags per cup of tea, depending on taste and how strong you prefer.  For a loose leaf tea, use about a teaspoon and a half per cup.
  5. Allow the water to boil and the tea to seep.  Then add milk.  Whole milk is best when making chai to ensure the correct balance of water and milk.  You want to use about one third of a cup for a single cup of tea or a bit more than half for two cups.  Stir the milk in and wait for it to heat up.
  6. If you used a loose leaf tea, set a strainer over the cup and pour the tea into the cup.  If you used tea bags, remove the tea bags before pouring into your cup.  If you use sweetener instead of sugar, add it at the end to your taste.

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