2010 Predictions. The Year of the Tiger

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1.  Marxist Medicine from the House of Representatives will join Commie Care from the Senate and they will begat Obama care.  Immediately money that was used to fund medical research and innovation will evaporate and Old people will start dropping like flies as the 500 billion in Medicare cuts take effect.

2.  The Marxist Redistribution scheme called Cap and Trade will sneak past sleeping legislators and pass via subterfuge in the dead of night.  Gas will reach $20 per gallon.  Old people who can no longer afford air conditioning with die during the hottest summer on record.  Then old people who can not afford heating oil will freeze to death during the coldest winter ever recorded.

3.  Several high ranking Democrat staffers on the hill and in the White House will get caught with their pants down.  A non fatal social disease will spread among them and sex tapes of the staffers doing the nasty in offices of the high and mighty will come to light.  Even the oval office will not be spared from the spreading scandal

4.  The office of president will be abolished.  In it’s place there will be a Chairmanship.  Obama will become Chairman Obama.

5.  The United States will be abolished.  In it’s place will be created the Union of Socialist and Marxist States.

6.  Chairman Obama will give pieces of the country, money, wealth, equipment, land, coal, oil and many other commodities or things of value to any country that felt slighted or aggrieved by the US in the past.

7.  Chairman Obam will abolish elections and declare himself president for life.

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