Proving The Worth of Martha Stewart During These Tough Times

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Like most of the nation, my husband and I are in a serious financial situation. I do not think I am overstating, every penny counts. We’re beyond coupon clipping and less luxuries. We are making serious sacrifices. Now I fully understand those businesses that have those “Everything Must Go” sales.

We have sold absolutely everything we do not need. It started with our personal collections. My husband had an extensive and unique book collection, and I had the complete collection of the Department 56 Halloween Village (I had been collecting them for years) and my designer handbags. I cried actual tears over my Kate Spade and Coach purses as they went to their new homes. Nothing, but nothing, could have prepared me for selling my beautiful furniture.

My dining room table and chairs, the sideboard, the cabinet and hutch — even my wool rug — GONE. When my husband and I were first married, we waited months and saved to buy just the right pieces from Pottery Barn (or “Heaven on Earth,” as I call it). I thought we would have those pieces forever. We’re down to a sofa, two beds and the desk and chair upon which sits this computer I’m writing with.

At the end of the day, it’s just stuff. We’re together with a roof over our heads and we’re grateful. But recently we had another “budget summit” and tried to see where we could cut back just a little more. Well, my husband suggested I stop getting my Martha Stewart Living magazine. I suggested he … well, there are things I won’t write here. I have made a lot of sacrifices, but Martha really keeps me going. I can’t quit her! I began to explain to the Neanderthal I married that the little comfort and beauty we have in our lives is largely due to Martha Stewart. I argued that every single day I do something or cook something or use a product I got from Martha Stewart. He said, “Every day?” I said, “EVERY DAY!” He said, “Prove it.”

So here I go.

For the next 365 days, I am going to blog about “My Daily Martha,” to justify keeping my magazines in the budget. I really do use them. I love Martha Stewart! Everyone thinks you need a billion dollars and a staff of professionals to pull it off “Martha style,” but you don’t. You need patience and time. I’m learning to be more patient and the one benefit of unemployment is TIME! I invite you to follow along this journey with me.


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