Free Household Worksheets For Families

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Household worksheets are an easy way to keep track of household chores, monthly budgets, grocery lists, or create checklists for family camping trips and other vacation travel. Here are a few sites to find free worksheets that you can download and use for your family.

Free worksheets at Hearth-N-Home Hearth-N-Home has several worksheets in PDF format that you can print out and use at home. Included are: a grocery list, chore list, and camping checklist.

Click here for an easy-to-use family budget and spending worksheet from It’s a good way to keep track of all your expenses on a weekly basis. Budgeting on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis is especially helpful in keeping track of electricity usage, entertainment expenses, credit card bills and other expenses that affect your disposable income each month. Too often many of us are caught off-guard by a number of things like: not planning for a change in seasonal utility bills, “incidentals” – spending on items not budgeted for like that morning cup of coffee at the gas station, or other expenses that weren’t included as bills. offers several forms, including this handy form to keep all your internet passwords documented. It can be a lifesaver, especially if you have multiple logons and passwords for different sites like Gmail, Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to keep it somewhere safe once you’ve completed it!

If you use Microsoft Office products, check out their selection of online 2011 calendar templates that you can customize to record important dates for your family or household. There are several types to choose from including a lunar calendar, academic year calendars and more. Keep a current calendar in the kitchen (like on the front of the fridge) or other high-traffic areas in your home where all family members can see what’s upcoming throughout the year.

At there is a nice selection of downloadable forms to help you keep things running smoothly.  My favorites: the Daily Planner and the Emergency Phone Directory – which should be printed, filled out and hung in a common family area (like the front of the fridge or kitchen bulletin board).

Of course, all of the free household worksheets that are available work best when they are consistently used. A little upfront effort for printing, filling out, etc. can save you hours of frustration for you and the rest of your family in the long run.


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