India – The Country Of Spirituality

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India – which is now one of the developing countries in the world is mostly known as a hub of IT industry.But the culture of this wonderful country is much diversified and it’s root is more deeper than this country is presently familiar in front of the world.The country bears a rich and composit cultural heritage which surprisingly changes and varies from place to place.Such as the North Indian culture is quite unlike from the south and it is also different from East to West.And with that, the climatic condition also changes which is quite astonishing.One can notice the freezing cold of Himalaya of North and scorching heat of desert in Rajasthan.

Afterall this is a spiritual country which gave birth uncountable numbers of prophets by he course of time.And everybody here has the liberty to practice their religiios believes and thoughts.This is the only country in the world which has done scientific research about spiritualism and gave a rich concept of propers spirituality since 4,000 years when the oldest book called Rigveda was written.The gist of the book was UNITY AMONG DIVERSITY AND THE CONCEPT OF ONENESS which has been realised by varoius prophets and monks through their regorous journey of renunciation and spiritual practices.And that is the main spirit of this country – UNITY AMONG DIVERSITY.India was a British colony till the Year 1947 and after achieving freedom, is familiar as a secular country where each and every religion gets it’s proper respect with full liberty to practice that.Thus maintaining the tradition of endurance and national harmony.


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