The in color for party dresses for Christmas 2009

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For most women wearing a party dress is far from an everyday occurrence, so when you do wear one you want to know you are looking stylish and making an impact for all the right reasons. Wearing the in colour of the season is just one way to do that. This year there are a number of colors currently in vogue that will translate well to a flirty, pretty party dress. With a range of options every woman should be able to find a dress in a fashionable color that brings out the best in her. This year the best colours for the Christmas part season dresses are:

Yellow: The First Lady can be thanked for bringing this happy, sunny bright colour back into women’s wardrobes this season. Seen everywhere at the moment, this fun colour is ideal for the Christmas season as it’s so joyful and energetic, and lends the woman who wears it those same qualities. Yellow is perhaps the best color for a party dress this season and whether you want to look polished like Michelle Obama or beachy like Nicole Richie there is a yellow hue that will bring that out in you.

Pink Champagne: The new nude, pink champagne is a subtle and romantic hue that makes neautrals look fun and sexy, not boring and staid. The perfect shade for those who want a subtle party dress, with just a hint of sultriness.

Coral: Coral is back in a big way, and this bright and summery shade makes for a stand out party dress. The warm tones flatter most women and it’s summery feel lends Christmas celebrations an aura of fun and happiness.

Turquoise: This beautiful color is always a party dress favourite, and this season it’s jewel tones are more popular than ever. Worn loud and proud it packs quite a punch, and don’t you worry, heads will turn! The perfect party dress shade, in that’s it can be worn informal and formal, making it a hue suitable or any Christmas party in 2009.

Pale Grey: Grey for a party dress? Seriously? You better believe it! While grey is usually associated with boring old business wear, not fun and play, this subtle shade is edging it’s way into the party season and all the better for it. Worn right, pale grey can be a more interesting black, slightly mysterious and aloof, but very sexy.


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