Where to get juicy gossip on your favorite celebrities

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Tiger Woods Avoids Criminal Charges in Car Crash! Britney’s Lonely Despair! Lisa Loeb Baby News! These are some of the top headlines breaking in entertainment magazines today, but how much truth is there behind these headlines? Tabloids use the “shock factor” to gain readership. In order to determine which entertainment magazine best suits your gossip appetite, you must consider the types of stories that fill these gossip pages.

TMZ is a fairly new to the entertainment world, but it sets out with full force to be the first with breaking news. TMZ can be viewed as a tracking system for celebrity lifestyle with a heightened focus on scandalous activity. It provides fairly accurate reports on the latest celebrity scandals. It constantly post exclusive photos, audio recordings and videos on its website. Its stories are often fairly short and it bombards its pages with as many stories as it can fit. If your looking to get first-hand accounts from the celebrities themselves or in depth interviews, you’re not going to find it here. After all it is gossip news and they’re just keeping the public informed about the latest allegations, whether they’re true or not. TMZ neither praises or attacks celebrities, it aimlessly helps facilitate the rumors.

PerezHilton.com is a gossip blog which is best known for negatively portraying celebrities, as the author regularly draws sexually offensive images on stars’ photos. If you’re into this kind of cynical humor and enjoy taking jabs at celebrities, you have met your match. Perez Hilton is growing as a controversial figure in the entertainment industry. His main focus is to shock the world by making outlandish comments about Hollywood’s most beloved stars. Hilton leaves all of the exclusive photos and interviews to the pros while he merely post the latest photos and colors them with his “two cents.” For the juciest celebrity gossip, Perez Hilton is your guy.

In order to find well rounded and well researched gossip, you may want to take a look at outlets such as, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Access Hollywood, and/or Extra. In this realm of gossip you’ll find the latest headlines, the most exclusive videos, photos and most importantly, exclusive interviews. This particular group stands out from the pack because a high priority on their functionality is landing exclusive interviews with celebrities and informants.

There are countless entertainment gossip outlets and may all seem basically the same, but to get the most out of your gossip experience it’s important to know how to navigate your way through the swarming headlines in order to learn the most about your favorite celebrities.


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