What? An increase in new business starts – "Are you crazy? No!

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I began to be reserved for an increase in new business openings. You can immediately tell that they have the nuts. In this economy? Why would anyone want to open a new business?

No, they are not crazy, in fact, may have a better chance of survival than those already in operation or during a specified time.

It seems strange that you say … Think about it. The question today is about the survival of this important transition. Changing economy, changing user habits, change in credit, all change. It is sometimes very difficult to modify or change slowly or not at all or not properly implemented. Change is the question. , Decreased amount of the debt renegotiation redefine its market, any upward runs.

Opens a new company with a fresh start without any problems, what and how they will do under the circumstances in May, an easier task to determine the transition from old to new opportunities.

Yes, with many companies on the market, the market for new aftermarket companies that are willing to move forward without moving the anchor of the old bad habits that interfere with too much debt and overhead weighing them.

There are two lessons.

1. The change is a huge opportunity for new ideas and new opportunities. Our changing economy presents many new opportunities for innovative ideas and new businesses.

2nd Existing businesses must act as if the start and complete the necessary changes to the. This is obviously very difficult because it means re-inventing himself again, what is and what it is, and do it with existing systems and strategies for the game and of course all the present problems of torture … A very difficult job.

In fact, maybe you should consider all nearby, and open up new and different activities, in today’s economy and development …. Customer service as if you created a new company.

Change always provides a chance to test … It is clear that we are changing at a time … embrace and win. Fight or ignore at our peril.

Donald Todrin is president and founder of Second Wind Consulting, in the renegotiation of SBA loans, forgiveness of corporate bonds and solve difficult problems and specializes in general business. Don has written dozens of articles about SBA loans and debt restructuring. Don followed on Twitter and Facebook to connect with their fans.


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