Save Money on Gas

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With gas prices remaining unstable, it is a good idea to conserve as much as possible. There are some tricks you can use to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck out of your gas.

  • If you live in a warm climate, fill up your car either early in the morning or late at night. Heat causes gas to expand, and you will get less gas for the money if you fill up in the hot part of the day
  • Make sure tires are not under inflated or over inflated. Either one uses more gas
  • Do not feel the need to warm up your car in the winter. Cars these days can run cold.
  • The less your car weighs the better. Get rid of unnecessary weight
  • Put appropriate fuel in the vehicle. Check your manual and choose the lowest grade that is appropriate.
  • Make sure your window seals are tight, and keep windows closed while driving. This streamlines your vehicle and increases gas mileage.
  • Do not speed. When you drive 10 miles faster your fuel consumption can be 15-20 % higher
  • Check your other foot. If one foot is even slightly on the brake it can cause the vehicle to drag, which will use more fuel
  • Make sure tires have proper tread and car is aligned. Either of these problems can decrease gas mileage
  • Tune up your car. Keeping the car in top running condition saves on gas usage
  • Do not put too much gas in the car. When you fill to the top, some gas may leak out.
  • Only use you’re air conditioner when necessary, and on the lowest setting possible
  • Do not accelerate quickly. Do not worry about the impatient person behind you. By increasing your speed gradually you will save money on gas
  • Using cruise control can decrease can consumption by as much as 15%
  • Pay cash if you can. Some credit cards charge a very high interest rate. Avoid these
  • You:
  • Get a  bike and for short distances ride it. Walk when possible as well.
  • If you can avoid peak traffic times to travel it will save you idle time and gas.
  • Getting lost can use valuable gas.
  • Make sure you have time to get where you are going to avoid speeding
  • Car pooling is increasingly popular and saves on gas
  • Make sure you know where you are going. Plan ahead to ensure you do not get lost.
  • Combine many errands into one trip and make sure you plan your route
  • If you can take a bus or train it will save you money
  • If you can buy a newer vehicle that has 40 or more gallons of gas to the gallon you will save a lot of money
  • A hybrid car is a great money saver

By using a few of these tips you will not only save money, but increase the life of your engine and keep your vehicle running at optimum efficiency.


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