Repair your credit in 6 months

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You can repair your own credit with little or no cost. The law states that we can challenge Errors or questionable items on our credit. In accurate or incomplete information on our credit repair has to be investigated if requested, however, ANYTHING can be challenged. It costs nothing to have an item investigated, and if the information cannot be verified it must be removed.

Your first step would be to get your credit report at Annual Credit Reading your credit report, top to bottom, the most damaging is at the top. Note: if your creditor has not notified you of negative item on your report they are in violation of the fair credit bureau and have to remove this item. Now its time to dispute the negative on your credit, always start off with the “not mine”. Start sending certified letters to the agency the item was assigned to. You must keep track of sent and received. Bankruptcies, Judgements, Child Support are not easy to remove from your credit report. Make sure that once things are removed from your credit from your dispute that you keep everything documented, at times things “reappear” on your credit, and you must show proof that it was removed. Credit reporting agencies must resolve customers dispute within 30 days from written, and 45 from their website. Repeat your credit bureau dispute:

1. Not mine (not my account)

2. I didn’t pay late that month

3. Wrong amount

4. Wrong account number

5. Wrong original creditor

6. Wrong Charge-off Date

7. Wrong Date of Last Activity

8. Wrong Balance

9. Wrong Credit limit

10. Wrong Status (there are about 20)

11. Wrong High Credit (the highest amount you used)

keep your yearly credit report to compare it to the year prior.

Now not everyone has the time to do this on your own, or the patience, thats okay, it does not cost a lot to have someone do this for you, and very affordable. But you will have to get your own credit report, unless you want to pay the Credit Repair Company that you choose to do this for you, the fee is about $25.00, but remember you can get it free.


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