Style Your Hair for Your Face Shape

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Look in the mirror and trace your reflection. Outline with a crayon or erasable marker. The outline will reveal your face shape.

You can figure out your face shape by taking a picture of face in a full frontal position with your hair pulled back.  Use a washable magic marker or crayon and trace the outline of your face.

Oval –Oval shapes have a jaw line that is a little narrower than the temples The hairline is rounded and the length is one and a half times the width. Most styles work for this shape, although styles with crown height may make the head appear too cone-like. Long layers that accentuate prominent flattering features are good for this shape. Short, medium, or long hair is all good for this shape. People with an oval face can wear them! Lucky you!

Round – Round faces are the same length and width but have a full appearance with a round hairline, cheeks and chin. Cheeks and ears usually have the greatest width. A cut should attempt to add angles to the face. Good styles are long layers that cut into the cheeks or chin, and a side swept bang for an angular effect. Keep away from any styles that add width, like an all one length bob or very short cuts. Also avoid any full bangs or fullness around the ears.  Fullness should be at the crown, so layers should be through the top. Hair should be kept longer that chin length.


Heart – This shape is widest at the jaw and narrows as the face extends upward from the cheeks to the forehead. Styles should have width at the jaw line to detract from a sharp lower face. Side parts can break up the width of the forehead. Height at the crown can soften the shape as well. Bobs that are cut at a chin level can achieve an effect of width.

Square – The same width and height with a square jaw and hairline. The hairstyles should be rounded and soft. Styles that are layered towards the face to accentuate and soften the sharp edges and angles of the face with muted layers and rounded hairstyles.  Try a side-swept fringe worn with long layered waves that play up cheekbones. The haircut should contain few sharp straight lines Blunt cuts should be avoided.

Rectangle –This shape is about one and a half times longer than it is wide and is slim. The hairline and jaw line are square and the chin is usually narrow.  Add body and volume along the sides to create the illusion of width.  Avoid wearing hair long and straight or it will add unwanted length to the face. Shoulder length or above is best. Keep it soft to add balance.


Diamond/Triangle – This face shape is exactly opposite the heart-shaped face, and has a wide jaw line that slims as the face extends through the cheekbones and temples. Styles should make an attempt to soften the cheekbones. A heavy bang can be used for balancing the chin and forehead, and angles give an appearance of width. Tucking hair behind the ears also gives width to the narrow areas of the face. Stay away from long hair or center parts because this draws attention to the jaw line.  The strong jaw line can be softened with hairstyles that are full temples, especially on shorter hair. This gives balance to a narrow temple and gives it more balance with the jaw line. Styles like the wedge or shag are great for this shape. Side parts also work well.


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