Think Yourself Skinny

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See yourself thin. Use visualization.  If you were thin at one time, dig out those pictures and use them for motivation

If you happen to mess up on one day, do not let it stop you from continuing. Tell yourself it is only one day. Continue to be positive and move on.

Write down the reasons you are losing weight. Is it heath or attractiveness? Be specific. Keeping a journal will help you to keep track of progress.

Imagine yourself playing a sport or doing an activity that you could never do at your current weight. Visualize yourself performing something you would love to try.

Have a list of activities or distractions that you can use when you experience cravings. These should be things that will keep your mind busy. When your mind is absorbed, it is much less likely to think about food.

Stop thinking in a negative manner. Catch your thoughts as they happen. You might think, “I can’t do this,” and not even realize you are thinking it. These thoughts can sabotage your success.

If you accomplish a goal, give yourself rewards. Give yourself a treat that is not food.

Make a list when going to the grocery store, and plan your meals. You will be less likely to buy things that are craving foods if you are prepared.

Make sure you have friends who are supportive of your efforts. Keep negative people away at all costs.

Attempt to improve your lifestyle a little at a time. Park your car furhter from the grocery store, or eliminate soda. Do at least one lifestyle improvement each week and it will not be as emotionally difficult.


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