Treat a Summer Cold

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Symptoms of a summer cold may differ in that they do not always cause a sore throat or cough, but will involve nasal congestion. This can interfere with all of our fun summer sports. Here are some tips to help ease the symptoms so you can get back to enjoying your summer.

Taking hot showers can help relieve congestion. This will also help clean bacteria that may have accumulated.

Do not smoke. Smoking eats up the vitamin C in your body that will help you fight symptoms. It also irritates throat lining.

Eat lightly. Stick with soups, fruits and light cereal or oatmeal. This will enable your body to use its strength to fight the cold rather than focus on major digestive processes.

Drink plenty of water and juice. Juices that contain vitamin C are best. Sports drinks that help maintain electrolytes and vitamin water are both good as well.

Take your vitamins. Especially consume more vitamin C. 500 milligrams a day or more is good. Vitamin C is water soluble, so you will not overdose.

Stay away from alcohol. It dehydrates the body and uses up crucial vitamins.

Rest. Stay in bed and sleep as much as possible. If you must work, take naps when you get home.

Chicken soup is still a good remedy. It is best homemade, but over the counter is ok.

Take zinc. These can often be found in throat lozenges. This can shorten a colds duration significantly.

Drink hot tea and honey. This will soothe a sore throat.

Use garlic supplements. They help kill germs.

Echinacea and goldenseal are both good herbal supplements. They help remove toxic buildup.

Use nasal sprays or saline solution to clear your nostrils.

If your nostrils get sore, use a cotton swab and Vaseline and apply to exterior and interior nostrils to soothe.

Use a saltwater gargle. This can soothe a sore throat.

Do not spread your germs. Wash hands frequently, carry hand sanitizer, do not reuse tissues, and cough into the inside of your arm, not your hand. These methods will all cut down on the possibility of spreading germs.

Use nasal strips. These open up nasal passages. Some have menthol and are especially effective for decongestant purposes.

Use over the counter decongestants or cold medicines as a last resort. These can actually lengthen the duration of a cold. They inhibit your white blood cells from doing their job in fighting the bacteria. Use these only in the case of high fever (over 101) and severe symptoms. They can be used at night in order to enable sleep.


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