How to Clear History in Firefox

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Have you ever wanted to goto a website without someone knowing? well im going to tell you how to clear your history,cookies,cache,form and search history.

1.Open your Firefox Browser

2.Im using Mac Os X but its about the same thing in windows but anyway find the Tools option

3.Then find the Clear Recent History option

4.Select it

5.Then you will see a few options to make sure everything is deleted select every option

6.Then Click Clear Now

7.Tip: if you are using a public computer and dont want any one to notice anything select the last hour,or witch ever sounds the best or the least noticable but if youdelete everything it will make the browser run faster and alot smoother.

If your wondering what all the options mean the browsing&download history should be self explanatory.The form & search history option for example if you login into when you go back to the website and start to type in you can select the option to auto fill it this will clear that.Cookie’s and Cache are thing that are stored on your computer from websites you vist when you delete thoose the browser can run a tad bit faster.The active logins option is where you left a website when you where still logined in this will log you out.The site preferences option is preferences that you have set on a website for example when you add a widget it will delete so you wont see them in to order you left them.

I hoped this article helped you delete your webhistory and i hoped to help you understand the web alot better!


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