Making Money Online with Blogging Ads: A Review

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Blogging Ads pays $5.00 per post through Paypal between two to three weeks (sometimes sooner than that), you pick and choose the paid assignments, you can submit more than one blog for approval but you can only post up to three different blogging ads per month on your blog at a maximum of ten blog posts per month (for all of your approved blogs), and it takes up to six weeks for your blog(s) to be approved for Blogging Ads.

You may have already noticed that there are seldom reviews for Blogging Ads. But in case you didn’t, you are about to find out why. Blogging Ads is a paid blogging network advertising company much like Pay Per Post, Blogsvertise, Smorty, Sponsored Reviews, and PayU2Blog. The fact of the matter is that you’re going to end up making a lot more money at the paid blogging sites that I just listed compared to Blogging Ads. Why? The answer is quite simple: You can only post three different ads per approved blog per month and you may only accept a total of ten paid assignments at a time.

In order for your blog to qualify for Blogging Ads, your blog must contain none of the following: Gambling, pornography/adult material, profanity, illegal activity, violence/racial intolerance, and illicit drugs references. Your blog must be three months old, cached by Google, contain original posts with no significant time gaps in between them (i.e. more than thirty days), all links must work, and all blogging ads must be visible. Last but not least, even if your blog is indexed by Google, it must also have a sufficient Page Rank.

The requirements for Blogging Ads is yet another reason why you should avoid them: Your blog must have a truck load of rankings from Google and Alexa. Not to mention, the website itself for Blogging Ads is completely unprofessional looking. There’s many paid blogging sites out there that are worth your time, but Blogging Ads is definitely not one of them.

DISCLAIMER: I, the author/reviewer, have no relationship with the owner of Blogging Ads and I received no payment for the creation of this review.


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