A Traveler’s Guide To Sleeping In Airports.

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A traveler’s guide to sleeping in airports would have to begin with finding your own personal safety zones.  You must be comfortable with your surroundings to have a restful sleep, and having all of your worldly possessions laying around for anyone to walk off with is not exactly conducive to a relaxing sleep.  If it is, then you need to shake your head and get in tune with the times, and reality.  During recessionary times, crime goes up in large spikes, especially easy property crimes.  And with crime rings working out of almost every major airport, looking for sleeping or otherwise distracted travelers, keeping your possessions safe while waiting to board your plane is a necessity.

A traveler’s guide to sleeping in airports would have to include finding a place, within the warmth and protection from the elements that the airport provides, where you can lie down, or sit with your back against a wall, and feel safe. You need to either store your belongings in an airport locker, or have all your jewelery, money, tickets, passport and other valuables in one bag.  You wrap the straps of that bag firmly around your shoulders and arms, and put a jacket or sweater over top.  It may look silly, but it works for safety’s sake!

In order to fend off the nefariously minded, of which every airport has more than their fare share’s worth, you need to be wary before you fall asleep, especially when traveling alone.  With your belongings safe, the locker key deep in your pants pocket, you can now fall asleep and not worry about losing your belongings. But, what if your airplane’s boarding call comes whilst you are in a deep, dreamily sleep?

When faced with a long delay at an airport, your flight delayed due to bad weather or any other reason, and you find yourself getting sleepy, you should first check in with your boarding gate, and explain exactly where you will be in the airport, and that you intend to be fast asleep for a few hours, or until boarding.  They will come and get you before the first boarding call is made, as long as you are where you said you would be.  Using this method, you place your belongings in an airport safety locker, and have a blissful sleep, awoken by an airline attendant with great news that your flight will be boarding shortly.  But, how can you fall asleep in a busy airport, with delays making everyone cranky and anxious?

In order to get some meaningful sleep, that being a solid, sound and refreshingly deep sleep, you may need to bring some noise-cancelling headphones along with you on your airline trips. Bring the proper connector for the specific airliner as well, and you could even use these wonderful headphones for the movie, or to cancel out all of the noise in the aircraft as well as in the airport. Adapters for headphones to be used in an aircraft for listening to movies and other entertainment usually cost between $10 and $25 (U.S.D).  The noise-cancelling headphones can be had for about $35.

We’ve all seen them, the people in the airports who seem to be able to sleep standing up, let alone while sitting on a crowded bench full of excited and boisterous people. For many travelers, the excitement, intrigue and anticipation of the journey that lays ahead will negate any possibility of sleeping until the boarding call is made. Children run around in circles, constantly asking “when can we go, when can we go?”.

Could there be one standard traveler’s guide to sleeping in airports, in order to help travelers pass the time on long, extended layovers, or during long wintry storms?  Each person has their own comfort zone, that they need to be able to fall soundly asleep.  The trick is finding that comfort zone in crowded places, for some people can not sleep in crowded, noisy places.

Being able to sleep in an airport can be a blessing, and it can also be a pain. If you sleep too long, you may not be able to sleep on the plane, and if your flight is a long one, maybe even inter-continental, then you may just find yourself cursing your ability to sleep anywhere, as long as you are tired, while some lousy movie is playing, and children are crying and babies screaming. This is especially true if you do not have a window seat, and are stuck between two young families, with a pair of crying babies each.

Enjoy your trip!  Fly safe.  Fly informed.


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