Sunflower Market Vs Whole Foods

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If you’re familiar with the Four Corners Region, Nevada, or Texas, you may have heard of Sunflower Market. With nearly 26 stores to date, the chain provides full-service to grocery consumers at fantastic prices. Though the chain is growing rapidly throughout populated mid-west cities, what makes the increasingly popular Sunflower Farmer’s Market comparable to other natural supermarket chains like Whole Foods, etc.?

The motto: “Serious Foods…..Silly Prices” accurately describes Sunflower Markets. By offering customers the highest quality products at such affordable rates, they are able to maintain their reputation the motto outlines. Departments included are natural living, beer & wine, and all your grocery needs from produce to seafood. The reason Sunflower is able to offer such competitive pricing, when compared to that of Whole Foods, is because of their mission statement. Apparently, the overhead costs are near nothing as SNF has no corporate headquarters or distribution centers. The buildings are void of exquisite displays, while the buildings themselves are not exactly over-invested properties. While they buy cheap, their vendors all provide the best products on the market and are known as very reputable companies.

As I, too, am a vendor of Sunflower Markets, I understand the service they intend to inflict on every individual who visits the store. As a customer, the chain is very reliable and business remains a convenience. While many companies are influenced by our drastic economy, I have yet to encounter similar problems with SNF stores. Orders are simply processed via phone as the department representatives call in requests. They are then shipped directly to the respective store. Payments are timely and negative issues are minimal.

So if you have a local Sunflower Market and decide to save money, forget Whole Foods markets. Any consumer comparing the two chains can easily compare and contrast the savings. As a supplier to both, our products retail at 1-2$ more in Whole Foods than they do in Sunflower Markets. As a consumer to both, I am able to stock all my favorite natural and organic products at a considerably cheaper price with Sunflower Market. And let’s not forget the additional savings SNF offers to all consumers. Each month, specific items will have coupons available for discounted prices. It is as simple as going to the website and printing them off! Sunflower Market is a cost-efficient dream come true for all the transitioning health conscious consumers today. It’s time you check it out!

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