Iron Gym Review

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Only a few months after I purchased such an item, a “buy one, get one free” is offered. Concerned with the credibility of the Iron Gym, which continues to abide among other unused products within my garage, I insisted it be tested; and reviewed. Not entirely baffled by surprise, I immediately confirmed a few of the recommended exercises to be near worthless. The main concept of the Iron Gym, however, intends that we utilize it for the training publicly specified. Here are my results:

Though nearly any item can be considered multifunctional, desired results may not reach one’s expectations. For the Iron Gym, only a few exercises can be worthwhile in building muscle mass. A lightweight product that requires no screws, drilling, etc.; the Iron Gym can easily be constructed by positioning the support systems on the top of your door frame. Many poorly constructed apartments will not have sturdy framing panels accompanying the doorway, and thus may create a safety hazard if using the Iron Gym. On the other hand, if your doorframe is capable of supporting more than your body weight, you’re good to go! The training system is generally intended to work out the upper body muscles. Pull-ups should be your primary exercise while utilizing this item, as they will strain muscles groups in the arms, chest, and shoulders. By inducing tension on these muscles, they are strengthening that position of the body. Ensure that a variety of techniques are adopting when proceeding to exercise in the pull-up position. For instance, the space between your hand placements will inevitably work different muscle groups.

From my own personal experience, any other exercises advertised with the Iron Gym are near useless unless developing an endurance tolerance. They will not, however, build any muscles mass. A few examples are the sit-ups, push-ups, and dips. You would be just as likely to obtain muscle pushing up from the floor as you would from using this product; likely with the sit-ups and dips. I did not, unfortunately, receive the hanging ab straps. These appear to be very beneficial though if positioned properly. My only concern is that unless you close the door (though this is not tested), you fail to have any back support. The range of motion for leg lifts while hanging though should definitely put a strain on the abdomen.

To conclude, the Iron Gym has many similar competitors that can be purchased at less expensive costs. They are sold in many department stores such as Walgreens, Fry’s Electronics, Kohl’s, etc. It makes for a great piece in my household workout collection, and for a 20-30$ value, is worth it…..though many will be disappointed if attempting to utilize it for other exercises the website and commercials associate it with.


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