The Third Eye: Gate to Reality

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Were you ever curious to understand the circular dots nestled on the foreheads of Hindus and Buddhists? These are referred to as tilaks; used to represent the third eye. It is often a symbolism of a higher consciousness, only perceived with absolute wisdom in a spiritual essence. Traditional circumstances relate it to a state of enlightenment and actual sense of reality. Though it remains controversial, the third eye is said to induce mental images unperceived by other senses of sight, smell, etc.

In New Age spirituality, believers are often associated with individuals seeking the “Universal Truth.” Those who experiment with spiritual and mystical practices, and reject religion as a whole, are often characterized as New Age spiritualists. Instead of worshipping a divine power inflicted by the Gods, they seek the power themselves with hopes in attaining incomparable human potential. The spiritual movement is derived from many religious traditions such as atheism, pantheism, and universal science. Here, the third eye signifies the enlightened soul has surpassed their immediate consciousness and has obtained an all knowing sense of life.

In Hindu and East Asian cultures, the third eye represented wisdom in a divine being; such as Shiva or Buddha. Hindus acknowledge the third eye as diminishing entirety if opened, and thus fear Shiva as the Supreme God, capable of destruction. The bible also mentions the third eye in the Book of Revelation. However, it is also popular in modern day culture as well. For instance, different forms of meditation and martial arts teach the user to focus and become enlightened.

To conclude, many of these teachings have similar aspects of the third eye. It appears to enlighten the individual and allow them to perceive worlds existing in a higher level of consciousness. Apparently, man is capable of godly powers. Characters portraying prophets in the bible were mystical in nature and could foresee alternate universes, thus possessing supernatural powers to altercate the world our consciousness perceives……otherwise known as seers. For individuals who neglect religion and the belief in a supreme ruler, this concept of spirituality may be of interest to you.


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