The Las Vegas ‘Stripper-Mobile’

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Though Las Vegas is already known as the ‘City of Sin,’ an entirely new level of erotica is being integrated into the night life. I, myself, am a local who rarely ever journeys to the strip to indulge in entertainment and outrageous prices provided by each casino. Apparently, it was my lucky night. As I strolled down LVB late Monday night, I noticed a new addition to the scenery of lights and extravaganzas in the form of ‘Stripper-Mobile.’

The goal: To have strippers take the business to the streets, and back to the clubs. A flat bed truck, surround with Plexiglas, cruises along the Las Vegas Strip showcasing a sample of the dance routine performed within the clubs. News reports the next day mentioned that it was simply a form of advertisement for the gentlemen clubs that inhabit the strip area. Many locals, however, associate the marketing methods as being illegal, dangerous, and too visual for under aged children. With a major in marketing myself, I understand how such an introduction can create the publicity desired. After all, the erotic, seductive dance caught mine and every other individual in the vicinity’s attention. However, that may be the problem associated with this particular form of advertising. As motor vehicles cruise alongside the attraction, it is likely that operator’s will pay less attention to the traffic and more on the girls. I failed to notice any traffic accidents that were directly related to the event, but eventually such is bound to occur. Another negative aspect of the promotion is that it may prove inappropriate to children roaming the strip. I refuse to agree with this comment, as the event is held late night. No too mention, no actual nudity is exposed.

To conclude, I believe that such an event is an amazing form of propaganda and will undoubtedly increase business within the clubs. Unfortunately, Las Vegas has a reputation of inexperienced drivers according to the rate of traffic incidents that occur. Such distraction will only provide for an increase in accidents and I foresee many liabilities taking effect.


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