Tips if Moving to Las Vegas

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Though I only interact weekly on the Las Vegas city-data forums, it fails to surprise me that a new thread is initiated and collecting multiple responses. The responses either include encouragement or warnings to the prospective migrant. My advice, however, indulges encouragement but offers a few precautions as well. Here it goes:

I,too, made my first cross country pilgrimage as I departed Buffalo, NY with intentions on settling in Las Vegas, NV. I was recently honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, and the only leverage I offered was a small savings of a few thousand dollars. No employment, no family, and no idea what to expect. In fact, I simply yearned for a change in weather, etc. and set course with the clothes on my back. My only source of income would be the leftover dollar amount not applied towards my online education each month; thanks to the GI Bill.

Immediately I sought residency in a decent location that would allow a short-termed lease, in case my situation evolved into a financially limited concern. Of course, my furniture was restricted to air mattresses and inexpensive Big Lots’ accommodations. I neglected to endure further expenses such as television, etc.; I only required cable internet to job search and indulge in online communities to isolate my loneliness. These, of course, are safety measures I enacted with simple math and prior financial responsibility training.

Within two weeks, I was scheduled for an interview and negotiating with my current employer of two years. The fact is this: Though unemployment rates over 13% as many individuals search for work; I fail to notice the actual competition. Depending on your job field, positions are constantly opening and seeking dedicated employees. I hate to admit that most employers receive an abundance of resumes and only adhere to a few; however, if you have common sense, a professional appearance, and good communication skills, it is likely that you will surpass the expectations of the interviewee. Of course, I base my opinion off customer service, purchasing, logistics, and marketing positions seeking motivated padawans.

To conclude, I advise those in my prior situation to distinguish whether or not they can move, financially. If so, and you possess motivation and a will to succeed (downgrade to part-time jobs if absolutely required to), I encourage the transition. Though, I insist that you determine all possible scenarios before making a decision. As I may have a great, secure job; Las Vegas is not what I expected. Sure, it remains the City of Sin to tourists, but become accustomed to local residency is quite different than you may expect.


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