Total Active US Troops – How Many Military Personnel Do We Have?

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How Many Troops Do We Have?

Talk of troop surges and military operations in Afghanistan make one wonder, just how many troops we’ve got in our armed forces.

Barack Obama recently pledged to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan in 2010. This addition will bring the number of American armed service men and women to more than 100,000 in that country alone.

            We also have troops involved in armed conflict in Iraq, not to mention the many troops we have stationed around the world in places like Germany and Japan. Then we have troops at home.

            So how many people do we have fighting in our Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force, and Coast Guard?

            Wikipedia offers the statistic of 1,473,900 active troops in the combined armed forces, with 1,458,000 reserves, an almost equal number to the active personnel.  

            The army has roughly 550,000 personnel. The Navy and Air Force each have around 330,000. 

More information is available online, but the goal here is to present the basic information as to how many total troops are currently part of the armed services of the United States of America.


            Why explore this question?

            With so much conversation about how many troops to send to Afghanistan and how many troops we have in Iraq, it is natural to wonder how many troops we could send…anywhere.

            Related questions: How many troops do we have in Germany (the home of America’s largest foreign base)? How many troops reside in the United States of America?

            Do the reserves count as enlisted troops? How many reserves are currently active abroad?


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