Outlandish Tax Deductions

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It is not recommended that you try these deductions, but they were used and the Internal Revenue Service did not dispute or contest them.

A gas station owner gave free beer to his customers and deducted the promotion as a legitimate business expense.

An elderly man, diagnosed with emphysema, deducted the cost of building a swimming pool.  He explained that his doctor had instructed him that he needed to get more exercise and that the pool afforded him that exercise.

The owner of a nightclub hired exotic dancers to perform as part of a promotion and he deducted the cost of the dancers as a business expense.

A couple who owned a successful business were allowed to deduct all costs connected to the use of their private plane, including trips to and from a condominium retreat, as qualified business expenses.

Professional bodybuilders can deduct the cost of body oils as an ordinary and reasonable expense in the pursuit of their profession.

An ostrich farmer was allowed to deduct the depreciation of his birds since the Internal Revenue Service allows for depreciation of livestock used for breeding.

A stripper, who called herself Chesty love, was allowed to deduct the expense of breast implants since she claimed that they were vital props in her performances.

A business owner was allowed to deduct a portion of his costs for professional landscaping of his primary residence because he often held meetings there with his clients.

A dairy farmer successfully deducted the cost of a trip to Africa from his income taxes because he claimed it was an undertaking to study wild animals.  The Internal Revenue Service apparently found this to be an ordinary and necessary expense.

The Internal Revenue Service deemed that it was all right for a number of junkyard owners to deduct the cost of cat food.  Their claim was that the cats kept rats and snakes from overrunning the junkyards.

For tax purposes, the Internal Revenue Service considers pets to be personal effects.  Since you can make deductions if you move for a job, you can also deduct the cost of moving your pets, as well.

The Internal Revenue Service allows you to deduct for business trips, conventions, and conferences held anywhere in the world.  It doesn’t matter how exotic or exclusive the destination, if you can tie it to a business trip, convention, or conference, it qualifies for a deduction

Taxpayers search all their records to claim expenses on tax return. Sometimes even weird looking expenses and other allowed as legitimate deduction for some taxpayers.


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