How To Get Zhu Zhu Pets Without Paying Ebay Prices

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Mr. Squiggles

Tell friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. to look for Zhu Zhu pets as they do their Christmas shopping and to purchase them if they see them. Having more people looking for Zhu Zhu pets will increase the chances of actually getting one. There are people who are unaware what a Zhu Zhu pet is. Educate them on what a Zhu Zhu pet is so they know what to look for!

Check sales ads frequently for Zhu Zhu pets. If Zhu Zhu pets are advertized, find out what time the store opens. Plan on being at the store at least an hour before the store opens, as the demand for Zhu Zhu pets is high, and supply is very limited.

Zhu Zhu Pets Fun House

For those not thrilled with standing in lines, consider hiring someone for $10 to stand in line and purchase the Zhu Zhu pet. Many teenagers enjoy the challenge and will jump on the chance to make a quick $10. Zhu Zhu pets generally run around $10, so paying $20 is a great bargain compared to paying $30 and up (plus shipping) for a Zhu Zhu hamster on Ebay.Check stores on line. If Zhu Zhu pets are listed as out of stock, sign up for an E-mail alert when the Zhu Zhu pets become available. Be sure to check emails at least once a day.

Sign up on line for advance sale notices at stores that may have Zhu Zhu pets, such as toy stores or department stores. Some sites send out advance email notices of specials that the general public does not receive.


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