How You Can FILTER & STOP Spam Using a Disposable E-mail.

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In today’s world of communication, it’s almost impossible not having a e-mail. But as we know, spam can be really a BIG PAIN!!. So, one thing you can do is close a account and start another, right? if you have many accounts and important stuff associated with your e-mail it can be tedious making the changes to the new one and letting all your people know about it, and making two diferents accounts ends in similar situation. But what we can do?

The solution for that question is simple. Use a disposable e-mail. I this one, Sneakemail. This service creates a “account” for an email, like fgchkctuoklt@sneakemail .com then forward to your real e-mail. You can create with 3 simple steps:

1. Create an account: Providing a username, a password, and an email address you wish hidden from spammers .

2. Every time you need to give out your email address to somebody you don’t trust, log in to Sneakemail and create a new Sneakemail address .

3. Give this Sneakemail address to them instead .

Mail sent to this Sneakemail address is rerouted to your real address, and when you reply it is rerouted back to the sender. Your real address is never seen . If you receive unwanted mail through this Sneakemail address, such as spam, you can take control by either filtering incoming mail using the Sneakemail filters, disabling the Sneakemail address itself, or disposing of it permanently. You also now know where a spammer got your address.

You now know all you need to know to protect your inbox from the internet by using Sneakemail.

Example of use

Lets assume you’ve already set up an account.

At this point you have a username (sneakejonny), a password(bobafett) and an email address ( where you wish to receive mail but don’t want to give out to potential spammers , or to those who may eventually give/sell your address to spammers. You really can’t trust anybody with your address.

You decide to buy a Harry Potter book at Among all the shipping and credit card information they ask you for your email address. Now there are many innocent reasons why an online business would want your address, maybe to inform you that your order didn’t complete, was out of stock, that you can order another half-price, etc.

Even with the best intentions, things can go horribly wrong. They could go out of business and your email address ends up in the wrong hands. Or a current employee could secretly sell your address. You’ll get spam at for the rest of your life now.

So, instead of typing in, you quickly select your Sneakemail bookmark, which pops up in a small window. You log in, click on “Create a new Sneakemail address”.

Here you find a simple form. You label the Sneakemail address “BubbleBooks”, click “Create”, and are given the address

You simply cut and paste into the purchase form at and complete your order. You never gave them, instead you gave them a Sneakemail address which is an alias of Even though it’s a “sneaky mail” address, it is a real, working email address.

Now when mail is sent to, it goes to a Sneakemail server where it is forwarded on to The email is mostly unaltered, except the From: says

From: “ |BubbleBooks|”

By looking at this line, you can see that it originally came from and was sent to the Sneakemail address you labeled BubbleBooks in the account sneakeuser.

If you reply to this email, it will go back to the Sneakemail servers, where it will be rerouted to, and it will look to an employee of as if it had come from

Months later, you begin receiving spam at this BubbleBooks Sneakemail address. If you were careful only to give this address out to, you know exactly where the spammer got this address. Also, if you like, you can go to and delete the Sneakemail address BubbleBooks and you will no longer receive email through this address, including all the spam, which is probably all you are getting now anyway.


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