Using Google’s New Free Google DNS on Mac OS X

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Adapted from my original article How to Setup Google Public DNS on a Mac

Google offers a free public DNS called Google DNS. Quick background: Google describes DNS services as a crucial part of every user’s internet experience. DNS services are like the phone book – when you type in a web address, the DNS services look up the IP address of the server and send you to the website.  Switching from the default ISP DNS services to Google Public DNS will speed up your internet AND it’s free!


Step 1. Open your system preferences and click on network.  The options for DNS services reside on your router, so select in on the right hand side – it may say “Airport”, “Time Capsule”, “Linksys” or a variety of other names.  It’s usually listed at the top.  Once it’s selected,  click the “Advanced…” button to continue.

Step 2. Select the DNS tab to view the DNS Services.  You’ll see two panes: one for servers and one for domains.  Before you continue, write down what is currently in each pane.  You may need to revert to the old DNS services in the future.  Put them somewhere where you’ll remember . . . one popular idea is to paste them into an email and send it to yourself.

Step 3. Click the plus button to add an address.  We want to add two addresses: the first address is and the second is Click the plus button under search domains and add as your search.  Click the “OK” button to commit your changes!


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