swine flu virus or the camouflaging viral strain

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Of late, Swine flu has set the warning bells ringing throughout the entire globe claiming numerous innocent lives .It has once again reminded us of the devastating 1918 Spanish flu pandemic which according to the experts began when an avian flu virus jumped to people . The outbreak began in Mexico, with evidence that Mexico was already in the midst of an epidemic for months before it was recognised. On June 11 2009, the World Health Organization raised the world wide pandemic alert level of phase 6 in response to the ongoing global spread of novel influenza A H1N1vius.Phase 6 alert level means the global pandemic is under way and that there are now ongoing community level outbreaks in various parts of the world .the viruses of the classical H1N1 lineage were the exclusive cause of swine influenza from the time of their initial isolation in 1930 through 1988. However antigenic drift variants of H1N1 virus were isolated in 1991 to 1998 but a more significant antigenic shift occurred with the emergence of H3N2 virus in 1997 to 1998. Research on these novel viruses is still going on and in the near future would open up various new avenues providing various important clues on genetic basis for the interspecies transmission of influenza virus….  .There is also a concern that if the new virus mutates further it will become even more virulent creating more worries globally and may be no new modified vaccine would be able to completely wipe out this deadly notorious ever- changing swine flu virus.


There are three genera of influenza viruses (family orthomyxoviridae)

InfluenzaA, Influenza B, InfluenzaC..U.S. government is working closely with manufacturers to take steps in the process to manufacture a novel H1N1 vaccine. Working together with scientists in the public and private sector, CDC has isolated the new H1N1 virus and modified the virus so that it can be used to make hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine. Vaccine manufacturers are now using these materials to begin vaccine production. Making vaccine is a multi-step process which takes several months to complete


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