Healthy food for children

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Healthy food is on the top of the list but how that concoction is possible is a big question. Here is the answer to it:

  • Make a note of what’s healthy for your children and what’s not. Also make a note of what your children like and what they don’t.
  • One thing has to be noted. If you want your children to stay healthy, you must only cook food that nourishes your child completely.
  • Maggie/ noodles are the skipper of all foods when it comes to some of the children. Do not worry. Serve them with hot piping noodles but don’t forget to add finely chopped/grated vegetables that you can think of.
  • As an alternative, add all fruits finely chopped and sliced that one can think of or as per your child’s liking. These additions not only make the noodles tasty and healthy but more presentable.
  • To make them have milk, add a dressing of their favorite food and sprinkle some chocolate powder. I am sure they are going to ask for more.
  • Some children like food that is deep fries, say fried chips. Instead of deep fry, roast them. 
  • Replace sugar with honey and red chili flakes with black pepper.
  • Prepare some snacks before hand that can be preserved. Most children binge on unhealthy foods because of unavailability of meals when they are hungry. 
  • Make chapattis that are healthy and nutritious.
  • Replace cold drinks with home made juicers and ice-creams.
  • Serve them with pancakes full of vegetables as a snack.

Stay healthy and strong.


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