Chicken and leek

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You can always prepare a tasty and healthy dish with chicken and leek. The leek is very wholesome because it contains vegetable insulin and it is anti inflammatory active.You can imagine different combinations with leek. I will write you my favorite one. I have tried it several times and it always has a great success among my friends,colleagues and family memebers. This recipe is easy for preparation. It is suitable for winter days. It serves 4-5. The time for preparing is about an hour and a half. Follow the instructions and enjoy this delightful dish.


1 chicken

3 leeks

4 spoons oil


2 carrots


1 teaspoon red pepper

black pepper powder

salt to taste


Method of preparation:

Boil the chicken into a big saucepan.When it is ready,bone it and make it in stripes. Then put it into the sauce pan again. Add some water to the chicken soup.Make a mixture of 4 spoons oil and 4 spoons water.Put this mixture into a frying pan. Meanwhile prepare other ingredients as follows: cut the leek and the celery into medium sized pieces. Cut the carrots into slices. Fry all the vegetables and after that add a teaspoon of red pepper.Stir well and continue cooking for 2-3 minutes.The fried mixture should be added to the chicken it the sauce pan. Stew it. Add the black pepper,salt to taste and 5 minutes before the dish is ready sprinkle some parsley onto it. You can serve the dish with green salad and fried slices of bread.Enjoy it!


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