Fun at a penny social

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Have you ever attended a Penny Social? They are usually held during the fall, winter and spring months. Usually by a fire company or other agency.

It is a great way for agency’s to raise some extra cash and have fun doing it. Penny Socials usually are held on weekends in the late afternoons or early evenings.

People donate new as well as used items to be auctioned off at the social, many times stores will donate gift certificates, gas cards or store items from their store. The items are placed on tables through out the room, each item has a cup or container placed near the item you wish to bid on.

As you enter the building (I usually try to get there an hour or two before the social starts) in order to allow myself enough time to look over the items.

Upon entering the building you stop at the entrance door to buy envelopes for one dollar each, inside these envelopes are 100 little pieces of cut up paper with the same number as the number on the outside of the envelope. You can buy as many envelopes as you want to buy. All envelopes have a different number on the outside of them with there matching numbers inside. You then take the envelopes that you bought, walk around the room and drop in as many numbers as you want to in as many items that you would like to win. Once you have used up all your numbers and feel that you have everything that you are hoping to win you take a seat and wait for everyone else to get done dropping their numbers into what they would like to try to win.

When the penny social starts there are people standing at each table, they take turns picking up the container with the tiny pieces of paper inside, someone draws a number from this container and the caller calls out the number. If it is your number that is called you have won the item that you wanted.

This continues until all the items have been called and all items are won! After all items are won all the numbers that were dropped in each item for the night are now all dropped into a large pail, shook and stirred up real well then one at a time at least five to seven numbers are called from this pail, if your number is one of the numbers called than you win a door prize or a gift certificate.

This is fun for the whole family and not only are you having fun you are also helping out your fire company or other agency’s holding the penny social. if you have never attended a penny social try going just one time it can be very addicting also if you are a member of a fire company think about holding a penny social and raise extra money. In our local area they are held at schools,community halls as well as fire halls. There are many different areas that they can be held in as long as there is room for setting up as well as enough sitting room for all the people that attend.


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