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I’ll state right at the get go that I am not any kind of expert on the ins and outs of healthcare (HC) legislation or HC insurance. I’m just giving my laymans observations of the HC debate. There are a few issues in the HC debate that are disconcerting, if not downright angering, me. First off, I find some of the verbiage in the HC debate to be misleading, off putting or just plain wrong. When I hear those in favor of more government involvement(a.k.a.- govt. crap or GC for short) and piously state that they’re “for HC reform” or those against more GC say they’re “against HC reform”, I just cringe.

I am against more GC, but I realize that HC reform is needed and IF those who agree that the U.S. people don’t need more GC, but think that all is well pertaining HC, they need to get out from under that rock they’re residing. I think most reasonable people on both sides of the debate realize that reform is needed, but disagree on what that reform is.

I find the term “healthcare” to be misleading in how it is being used. I understand “healthcare reform” is the blanket term for the debate, but to me, “healthcare” is first and foremost about you taking care of…you!

Americans need to realize that healthcare needs to start with them taking care of themselves. Eating right, exercising, preventive care – personal responsibility – what a concept! I’m not preaching, but with the constant rising cost of “medical care”, with no end in sight, taking care of yourself is a must. Do understand this: If you won’t take care of yourself, our government is more than willing to step in do it for you! The more the government takes over HC, the more control it gives to liberals to tell you how to live and boy, do liberals love to tell you how to live! Plus they’ll have the power of the government to make you “do the right thing for the greater good”. Revenue generating and costcutting will be needed somewhere to pay for their GC, but remember, it’ll be for your own good!

I am personally tired of getting lied to by the Democrats. “A public option is not a govt. takeover”, “If you like your insurance & doctor, you’ll be able to keep them”, “There are no death panels in the bill”, “Abortions not covered in plan”, “There will be no cuts in Medicare”, “Illegals won’t be covered” and two whoppers “My plan will save money” & “healthcare reform will create jobs” are all varying degrees of falsehoods.

“A public option is not a govt. takeover and keep your insurance and doctor” – In this speech,(go to my web site, wheresmyfree.com ,it’s labeled “The True Obama Goal”),  Obama states that he “won’t be able to eliminate employer insurance right away”.

”Save money and won’t cut Medicare” & “HC reform…creates jobs” – does anybody believe either one of those statements? The “creates jobs” tall tale, unless one counts more govt. workers, is that companies will spend less on HC and will be able to hire more private sector workers. That would be the case except that somebody will have to pay for this crap (lets soak the rich, otherwise known as employers) and not to mention that there is a provision in the House bill that would force companies to give HC to parttime workers. Gee, these’ll do wonders for the economy!

“Illegals not covered, no abortions and no death panels”- The Democrats can SAY that stuff is not in the bill, but a) there is no enforcement to stop illegals from getting the HC and if Obama gives them amnesty, it’s a moot point, b) in a speech to Planned Parenthood, Obama promised that abortion would be part of the HC overhaul and c) in attempting to keep spending in check, rationing will be part of the deal. Older folks  ”won’t want to be a burden”, so “end of life” decisions will be steered in the direction of what makes “financial sense” and best for the collective. View this video of a state of Oregon HC decision, http://www.katu.com/news/26119539.html?video=YHI&t=a and tell me that isn’t a kind of “death panel” and can’t happen on a federal level.

For those in the media and on the Left who are saying that those of us who are making these observations are just being paranoid, they should realize that the Obama Administration and other Democrats fueled the suspicion by trying to “speed ram” HC reform through like they did with the “Stimulus Bill” and “Cap & Trade”(through the House anyway). People can put one and one together and realize that this GC is not free or somehow “neutral” in how it will affect their lives, therefore are reading the “fine print” and not just taking the politicians or medias’ word for it that all will be honky dore!

Here’s the bottom line: Nobody can say for sure what the final HC reform bill will look like! The Senate & House have, last I heard, five HC bills floating around and Obama keeps saying “his plan will do this & his plan will do that”, but he doesn’t have a plan that the American people can look at! Unless he’s laying claim to that thousand page monstrosity that is in the House.

Here’s a thought though: Why don’t we put all the HC reform ideas on the table, debate them, then come up with a sensible bill, post it online for five days so the American people can read it and then pass it if it’s acceptable? You know, pretty much like you (Obama) promised with your bipartisan and transparency election promises?

Here’s another idea: Since Medicare(not to mention just about every other govt. program) is broke and Obama says he can eliminate the fraud and waste, why don’t the Democrats fix it (Medicare)? And since the govt. HC is gonna be so wonderful, everybody in D.C. should give up their present HC benefits and go on their proposed “public option”. From the President and his family on down to every beauracrat.

I’d make two wagers on this; First, if Obama and the Democrats ever did these two things (fix medicare & drop their HC for whatever they come up with), they and their ideas would be wildly popular! Approval ratings would go through the roof for their HC plan. And second, it ain’t never happening! Everyone agrees that Medicare isn’t going to be sustainable without cutting benefits and raising taxes, plus this HC reform is for the masses, not for the “ruling class” that politicians think they are.

I am also getting very perturbed by politicians, the media and other assorted Left wing nuts making unfounded accusations against those who are weary of this GC. Refering to us as racists, teabaggers, hatemongers, artificial turfers, Nazis and the lunatic fringe may make the Left feel good about themselves, but all it’s doing is inflaming an already irate electorate.

Democrats may think they have a mandate, but it wasn’t that long ago that Republicans controlled it all and you’d best take note of where they stand now.

Cap &Trade
Conservation is a good thing, if not a great thing, on a lot of levels. My being a pack rat, I probably take it to an unhealthy point. I just can’t seem to throw anything away. “What if I need “X” someday!”, which I inevitably do, the week after I decide to toss it. I’m in favor of recycling – aluminum, plastic, white paper, newspaper, motor oil – you name it. I believe in the potential of new or green energy – wind, solar, battery, hydrogen cell and even ethanol. And I also think America should be drilling more of it’s own oil, building nuclear & clean coal plants and looking to do more with oil shale.
All energy options should be on the table for Americas energy future. But sadly, it’s not. Under Republicans, new energy is ignored and we get involved in wars, at least partly, because of oil. With Democrats, new nuclear and clean coal facilities & oil drilling in the U.S. are taboo and with this Cap & Trade bill, way too much premature hope is being placed on green technology and governmental regulation will run amok. Energy cost, specifically electricity, will skyrocket. Obama has stated that will be the case. That’s not even considering the cost of living affect. Businesses will pass their energy costs onto…you, the consumer, of course. All in the name of “saving the planet” from man made global warming! No wait, now it’s man made climate change (or MMCC), since the earths temperature has dipped the last ten years or so.
Questions that need to be asked & answered:Is industrialization so adversely affecting the climate, that something as radical as this C&T bill  needs to pass in an attempt to reverse it? If so, can it be reversed? Do some scientists “stretch the truth” in order to secure more funding and/or ignore opposing evidence that does not fit their desired outcome? Is there a consensus in the scientific community concerning MMCC? Are science and scientist ever wrong? Is MMCC science and/or religion? Besides Obama, the Democrats and enviromental extremists, who is really on board for this, either in the U.S. or worldwide? Are other countries willing to destroy their economy to do this? Will this legislation be the final nail in the coffin for manufacturing in this country? Are the Democrats doing this ostensibly to “save the planet” or to enhance their power and increase tax revenue? Which is scarier, climate change or C&T?
I, for one, am dubious of the “sky is falling” MMCC claims. For as long as scientists can measure, the earths temperature has been fluctuating. Being a Christian though, I take Gods command to be good stewards of the earth seriously. Common sense, not radical, measures should be done by governments to guide the manufacturing industry into more green technology. Tax incentives, not using the tax code as a hammer, and rewarding “new energy” for accomplishments, not just subsidizing them, may be some ways to do this. I thought John McCain had a good idea during the election season of the government  offering a huge monetary award for a viable alternate energy vehicle.
If taxpayers subsidizing green technology is the right way to go, will there be any incentve for it (green tech) to get off the dole? After all these years it hasn’t worked for Amtrak. It costs taxpayers $32 per passenger still now. If C & T passes as is, governmental estimates have electricity users costs possibly doubling or more! And the benefit? A .1 or possible .2 drop in temperature. Spain, which is our model for “new energy”, has found out that for every 4 new green jobs, it’s costing 9 “old tech” jobs. Read more here: http://www.energyfairness.org/newsroom.html for up to date info on new energy.
I can’t answer a lot of these questions & I’ll end with one last one; At what cost do we “save the planet”? arjay 10-30-09


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