The Story of Ushinor

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Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Shibi on the bank of Jhelum. Ushinor was the king of Shibi. He was very pious, generous and bountiful. The Gods were very much satisfied with his behavior.

Once Ushinor planned to hold a sacrificial rite for the welfare of his subjects. When everything had been arranged, the Gods felt a bit ruffled. Among them Lord Agni (the God of Fire) and Lord Indra (the king of the Gods) were most worried. They thought that if Ushinor, the pious and munificent person, got the benefit of his sacrificial rite, their divinity would come to a naught. So they had a dark design in their mind.

Agni took the disguise of a beautiful white dove and Indra disguised as a hawk. We all know that hawk preys upon dove. So disguised Indra chased Agni disguised as a dove. Thus they reached the kingdom of Ushinor. They flew up to the place where Ushinor sat to begin his sacrificial rite. The endangered dove resorted to the king for shelter. He wanted the king to protect him from the attack of the hawk.

The kind hearted Ushinor gave the dove shelter and assured him to save his life from the attack of the hawk. At the very next moment the hawk arrived and asked the king to give back his prey. But the king would not. The hawk then told him that he had been chasing the dove quite a long way and was too tired and hungry. If the king refuses to give him the dove he and his family would die out of starvation.

The king understood the demand of the hawk. But he had promised to the dove to save his life from the threat of the hawk. So the king assured the hawk that he would give him a lot of other food. He could take anything he liked except the dove. But the hawk would not listen. He only wanted his prey, the dove. On the other hand, the king would not shift from his promise. He was ready to give him his treasures, several delicious foods, even his kingdom, but not the dove.

Then the hawk demanded the flesh of same weight of the dove from the body of the king. That would only satisfy his hunger. The king promptly accepted the proposal. Now he could both save the dove from danger and satisfy the hunger of the hawk.

Then a pair of scales was brought to weigh the flesh of the king. The king himself cut his flesh and started to weigh. But how strange! It never weighed the same as the dove. So the king cut more and more pieces of flesh from his body. At last he remembered Lord Vishnu and got up into the scale to make it equal to the weight of the dove.

At this point Indra and Agni left their disguises and introduced themselves to the king, Ushinor. They also told that they had come to spoil his sacrificial rite. But now they were quite satisfied with his pious and bountiful nature. So he would surely get the good result of his sacrificial rite despite not being able to perform it.

Then the chariot of the Gods came down from the heaven. Lord Vishnu asked him to come up and took him into the heaven. Thus the king Ushinor gave a celestial honor to piousness, generosity and bountifulness of man.


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