How to Select Healthier Choices at Mcdonalds

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  • Step 1
    Try to stay away from the fried products with a bread coating. This includes McChicken, nuggets, selects, crispy chicken, and filet. They are deep fried in oil which is a fat. However, Mcdonalds did switch to a trans fat free oil so eating a McChicken every now and than is not going to hurt you but I would try to limit eating breaded fried products

  • Step 2
    Portion size is key. Do you really need to up size your meal. Stick with the original size or order a la carte. For example instead of ordering a Big Mac Meal. You can just order the sandwich, a small fry, and a small drink instead of the meal to save calories.

  • Step 3
    Sugary beverages are just empty calories you drink. Water should be your number one choice since it is recommended we drink plenty of water during the day. If you cannot stand drinking water all the time you can try unsweetened tea, lite lemonade, lowfat milk or apple juice. If you must have soda make it diet. If you drink coffee and need sweetener ask for equal or splenda as well if you drink iced tea. Mcdonalds now has lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos. Be sure to request skim milk and to leave off the whip cream.

  • Step 4
    Order condiments on the side. We had customers do this all the time. Like they order a filet but would want the tartar sauce on the side so we get a sundae lid and put the tartar sauce in that so they could add it themselves. Mcdonalds does have lite mayo, mustard and ketchup packets so you can dress your sandwich yourself. If you order a snack wrap just ask for the sauce on the side.

  • Step 5
    Skip the bun and cheese and add vegetables. You can save about half the calories and carbohydrates you eat just by eliminating the bun off the sandwich. This is how I eat my sandwiches all the time. When you order a sandwich without the bun they put in a side salad bowl on top of lettuce leaf and dress it. Cheese is not necessary for a sandwich or snack wrap. If you must have cheese ask for one slice instead of two or lite cheese for a snack wrap. If you feel you are missing the sandwich by than all means load up on the veggies. Just ask them to put extra lettuce, tomatoes, onions or pickles to satisfy your hunger.

  • Step 6
    Substitute apple dippers, side salad or a yogurt parfait for french fries. You may have to order it a la carte instead of the extra value meal because some Mcdonalds do not allow substitutions in the meal. If you must have french fries order a small size and ask for no salt fries so you are not eating all that sodium.

  • Step 7
    Meat is not that bad for you. Eating a lot of red meat can hurt you but that does not mean you have to avoid it. You can sometimes just order meat patties and they put in a box for you. You can request that they not put any grill seasoning on it and they can cook it well done if you wish. If grease is you concern they can also drain the patties for you.

  • Step 8
    Eating a salad would be the most healthiest option for you because vegetables have fiber and they will fill you up. Remember to order the grilled chicken on it or you can have no chicken on it. Choose a low fat dressing for your salads and skip the croutons and crackers. If you get dressing ask for a cup to put it in so you can dip your forkful of salad in instead of drizzling it all over your salad. You will eat less2_bing.gif dressing this way. Mcdonalds has a fruit and walnut salad as an alternative to eating regular salads.

  • Step 9
    If you still hungry and want a lite dessert than choose a yogurt parfait, apple dippers and the occasional ice cream cone. You can request the ice cream cone not to be made that big or put into a cup so you eat less.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember Mcdonalds makes it your way so don’t hesitate to request your meal made special. They are happy to accommodate your diet needs.


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