How to avoid sunburns when outdoors

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Actually, any time you go outside, regardless of season, can lead to sunburns.  During winter, you can even get sunburned by the snow!  The UV rays that cause sunburns reflect off the snow and give you a burn.  Don’t assume that just because it isn’t summer, you won’t be able to get a sunburn!  You can get burned on any day, even ones that are overcast and cloudy.  The following steps will help you to avoid sunburns when you’re outdoors.

  1. Before you ever leave your house, be sure that every exposed area of skin has sunscreen on it.  Don’t forget your hands, face or ears.  If you have a part in your hair, put sunscreen there as well.  You want to be sure that you don’t miss anywhere, so put sunscreen on after a shower if you need to. 
  2. Make sure you take your sunscreen with you wherever you go.  This is important as you will need to reapply it every couple of hours.
  3. Even if your sunscreen tells you that it doesn’t need to be reapplied for a long time, be sure that you reapply every two to three hours.  This will ensure that even if you’ve been swimming or sweating, you will not get sunburned.
  4. If you have gone swimming, reapply your sunscreen immediately after you get out of the water.  Though many sunscreens are water resistant, they will eventually come off when exposed to water for any extended length of time, so reapplying immediately afterward is important to avoid a sunburn.

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