In Times of Economic Distress, Turn to Yoga?

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Well Yoga is hopefully the plan of many Wall Street fitness centers and personal trainers. With the rising costs of gym memberships and an even more lack of clientele, many fitness professionals are looking for cheaper alternatives in helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In the October 16th, 2008 edition of the New York Times, author Mandy Katz writes, “ON Wall Street, when the going gets tough, will the tough get yoga mats? Adding classes in yoga, meditation and other so-called mind-body regimens is just one way fitness professionals in the financial district are responding to recent economic uncertainties roiling their corporate clientele. Some are also offering shorter, cheaper personal training sessions and, in at least one health club, quiet discounts for members who lose their jobs.”

This trend leads to larger class sizes which in turn help cut down costs since most Yoga instructors can work with a few dozen students at one time. It has been shown in a variety of studies that Yoga helps reduce stress.

In a recent article in Shape magazine Kelly Marages writes about, “the diet and exercise routine of Brook Barth, who lost 65 pounds gained during postpartum depression.” She goes on to say that, “it is stated that Barth began by going for daily walks and researching diet information on nutrition Web sites. Her workout now incorporates regular cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training and yoga.”

Not only is it an affordable way to get some stress reducing exercise in, the trend is becoming popular that many vacation spots around the world are offering it. Who would have thought you would need Yoga on a vacation right?

With all of the events going on today’s world a reduction in stress is exactly what we need. Take the time to learn more about what Yoga can do for you and your anxiety level. Chances are there is somewhere local to you that are offering low cost or even free Yoga classes. Take advantage of them and you could be on your way to a reduced stress lifestyle.

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