How to save money and recycle.

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Nowadays, saving the planet is a priority for many people; saving cash is a priority for just about everyone.

There are so many things that you can do to save money and energy. They can be big or small efforts, that depends on how much money or energy you want to save.


Switch to energy saving light bulbs, they may cost a little more than regular bulbs, but they last up to 10 time longer and use 75% less energy. Also they have made vast improvements on them now, they no longer take ages to become bright enough to actually see anything. Try to switch off all the lights when you are not using them, so many people forget to switch off the light when they leave a room. In the UK alone people waste over £175 million a year just by leaving the lights on when they are not needed!


Did you know that putting shelves above your radiators would help to deflect heat back into the room? Also fit thermostatic radiator valves to each radiator, so that you can control the temperature in each room according to your needs. Close blinds when you are not using the, the holes in the blinds can let a surprising amount of heat through. Block gaps under doors, you can use anything that will stop the draught, an old T- shirt, rag, a cut up sleeping bag works brilliantly. Line curtains with an insulating fabric to help stop the draught coming from the windows.

Cavity wall insulation will not only save around 750 kg of CO2 per year but can also save you around £100 per year on your heating bill. And the bigger your heating bill normally is, the more potential savings you can make!

Re use.

There are so many things that people just throw out everyday without thinking about how they might be re-used. Empty coffee jars can hold a number of things such as pens, paintbrushes, screws, you could even put your small change in there, you would be surprised at how quickly it adds up. Egg cartons can be used for mixing paint, kids crafts and even soundproofing a room!

There are some places that will pay money for recycled cans, bottles and jars check online for the nearest place to you.

There are sites like freecycle and others that allow users to post their unwanted items, the items must be free, but you may find something on there that you want, and as long as you can pick it up, it’s yours! Most of the users on these sites operate on a first come first served basis, so you need to be quick to ask for the item.


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