How to clean after Christmas

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The kitchen is likely to be a huge mess, the living room will probably look like a tornado hit and there are likely Christmas gifts to children scattered all over the place!  Cleaning up after Christmas is certainly a huge job!

  1. Clean as much as you go as possible.  For instance, while opening Christmas gifts, you should make sure to take care of the wrapping paper there.  If you put it in trash bags or fold it up to keep and use later, it will be much less messy this way.
  2. Organize your kitchen.  The mess after Christmas dinner will probably be huge, so take a moment to organize it.  You should put food to be put away on one counter, dirty dishes should be piled up on another counter in order so that they won’t tumble, large plates on the bottom, medium on top of those and any small plates last.  In this way, you have a place to start from.
  3. Clean as many dishes as possible before serving Christmas dinner.  This is obviously difficult, but if you have a dishwasher, you should at least place the dirty dishes that you can in it before you serve dinner.
  4. Make it into a game for the children.  You can have picking up their toys and paper a game.  Do something like tell them to race in picking up wrapping paper or some other interesting way to pick up.
  5. Wait to take down your decorations until the rest is cleaned and organized.  This allows you to enjoy your decorations longer and it ensures that when you take down your decorations, you won’t have a pile of dishes waiting.

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