Low Calorie Snack: a Healthy Diet

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141924237.jpgLow calorie snack – count your calories to get weight loss in long though, though it won’t give you instant weight loss.

50 Calories or Less diet snack

Occasionally you feel a hunger pang and need to “taste” something to let it pass. You need not pander yourself much to get over it. You may feast on these diet snacks to help you get past your craving. They are: Sugar-Free Jell-O: 10 calories cup, Fat-Free Hot Cocoa: 25 calories, Light Cheese: 50 calorie serving, Asian pear: 50 calories, Sugar-free candy, Flavored water and Tea, coffee or diet soda. You can choose your favorite low calorie snack.

100 Calories or Less diet snack

If you feel ravenous, however if you don’t like to indulge yourself, you can have your choice of low calorie snack to fulfill your appetite .You can partake one of these low fat snacks without feeling guilty. Some of them are: Veggie hot dog: 50 calories, Yogurt: 60 calories per cup, Sugar-free Pudding: 60 calories per cup, Omelet: 60 calories, Fat-free, sugar-free latte: 90 calories, Low-Fat Ice Cream: 100 calorie cups, Cocoa almonds: 100 calorie pack, Apple or Banana: 100 calories, dark chocolate bars: 100 calories, Light Popcorn: 100 calorie bag

100-Calorie instant weight loss Snacks Pack

Shelves of almost all grocery stores are filled with low calorie snack packs but you must know their good and bad points.

The Good points:


• serving size doesn’t need measuring

•No call for counting calories

•not much likelihood of overindulging

The Bad points:

•they may contain sugar or saturated fat

•it may be only 100 calories, there’s no guarantee that it’s healthy

Hydrating your body

When trying to stave off your hunger pangs, ensure that you keep on being hydrated. Utilize a hydration calculator to see the exact quantity of water needed by your body. Always keep a water bottle in your vehicle. Have a sip at every traffic signal. It will ensure the proper intake of liquids and stop you from going for a bite. And if you still feel you are hungry, be after your low calorie snack.

Learn all about your favorite low calorie snack once you decide to loose weight.


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